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Our Pricing

When designing a new home, remodel or addition pricing is always a key factor. At MD Nuffer Designs we like to be open and transparent. We don't like beating around the bush, hidden fees or upselling. We offer a variety of services, and our pricing is set to meet the needs of our clients. Check out our pricing and services below & let us know what project we can help you with.

(effective 1/1/2024)

  Stock Plans
“Off-the-shelf” – varies per plan / priced per square foot.
Modifications - $75.00 per hour, $650 Minimum

Custom Home Design Services
$2,500 Minimum
Price based on heated square feet.
      0 – 4,000 sqft -  $3.00 per sqft
4,001 – 8,000 sqft -  $3.50 per sqft
         8,001 + sqft -  $4.00 per sqft

 Remodel & Addition Design Services
$1,000 Minimum (Includes Limited “As-built” /” Existing condition” Drawings of adjacent areas of current structure.) Price based on affected area of remodel. 
$5.25 per sqft, of affected space.
“As-built” /” Existing condition” Drawings
$2.00 per sqft, $1,000 Minimum

 Accessory Structure /
Other Design Services
$1,000 Minimum
Garage - $2.00 per sqft, detached unfinished garage or shed.
Finished basement - $2.00 per sqft, finishing of existing unfinished basement.
Covered Deck, patio, etc. - $1.00 per sqft, deck & patio.
Open Deck, patio, etc. - $0.50 per sqft, deck & patio.  $500 minimum.
Specialty Details and
Other Drafting Services

$75.00 per hour, $650 Minimum

 Home Builder Design Services
(custom pricing)

Townhouse Design Services
(custom pricing)

Commercial Tennant Improvement
(3,000 sqft or less)
$3.25 per sqft, of affected space.